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Spreading Kindness...

One Gift at a time.

7 Gifts of Kindness brings awareness to Cancer Warriors, Caregivers, and Children in need of advocacy by donating gift boxes and gifts to people experiencing some of the most challenging moments of their lives.

In most cases, the first 7 days after chemotherapy, or recovering from a medical procedure, are the most difficult. We want them to have something positive to look forward to.  Each gift box contain 7 individually wrapped gifts, with instructions to open one gift per day.


For children who find themselves in the advocacy center, we donate a gift bag with a few items that we hope will bring them just a little bit of comfort during their visit.

 We are proud to partner with Florida Cancer Specialist & Research InstituteShare the Care, Inc., and Jessie's Place in Citrus County for distribution of the monthly donation boxes and gifts.

We have met many of the Warriors and Caregivers that received these boxes, after the fact, when they see us at a local show or event. We have shed many tears with them, happy and sad, and had many conversations of Kindness, and Need, and Gratitude.

 That’s ALL we need to keep our dream moving forward!

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March 2023 Deliveries

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Florida Cancer Specialists
& Research Institute

Florida Cancer Specialists
& Research Institute

Share the Care, Inc

Deliveries to FCS and STC

Gift Box Recipients

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